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Ono Gang
The Owners

Started by a girl wanting to spread the health.  Living in Hawaii for years and embracing the sun and surf, she was deeply inspired by the island's culture, beauty and remarkable people. A clear path of wellness began. She began eating clean and starting juicing daily, and has never stopped. She attributes her happiness and well being partially to juicing.

She had her first Acai bowl in 2010 on the North Shore of Oahu and was hooked. When she moved back to NJ, she could not find a juice and bowl bar that kept 100% true to the health, so decided to start her own and along came Ono Bowls.


The goal was to service her community with only the best, healthiest ingredients, never caving to the demand of toppings like Nutella and never offering oversized portions contributing to weight issues.  She stays true to the meaning of her products, which are meant to provide overall health and wellness and is proud to offer healthy alternatives from that of her competitors.

She is committed to using local farmers when available and local friendly beekeepers.  She gives back to our community by providing gratifying jobs and mentoring the young.  She uses her team of mostly youths to design her social media, websites, music playlist, youtube channel, control our blog and day to day operations.  She says "The best part of Ono Bowls is the family we have created both internally and externally in our customers".

Come try an Ono Bowl today.  We guarantee you will be delighted because we will always......

Blend with Aloha

Ono means delicious in Hawaiian

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