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Two Dudes in a Pink Truck

Two eighteen year olds with a passion for bringing healthy, delicious food to their community start a Food Truck. Here is their story:

"We were working at the Ono Bowls store in NJ and started thinking of how we could grow the current business into a mobile truck" We both worked there since its inception in 2015. After drafting our business plan on two paper plates and pitching the idea to the boss and founder, we launched the Ono Bowls Food Truck in June of 2019 with a mission to Spread the Health. Our vegan, nutritious acai bowls and smoothies are the healthiest around. We don't put junk on our bowls like our East Coast competitors because we believe in the product as it is intended to be, a healthy fruit that has so many benefits if eaten properly. We guarantee our bowls still taste the best even though we refuse to compromise the nutrition of them. We have since bought our second truck and are now franchising other trucks with a goal to spread the health across the country, while mentoring other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and take the leap of owning their own business." If you want to become a part of our Ohana (family) click the link below that says "I want to own a truck" and we will tell you how this fantastic journey has changed our lives, and how we plan to change our customers lives by providing them with delicious and nutritious food.

Hear the whole Ono Bros story

In the Beginning

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