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Ono Bowls has a zero waste goal that we have NEVER missed

Garbage Recycling



Boxes from produce delivery 

Food is made to order so never waste

We buy produce in precise quantity so no waste

We reuse staff cups daily

Reuse tubs fro acai

EVERYTHING we do has a 2 use minium

Garbage Recycling
Recycling Bin


Hay Staws

Biodegradable Spoons

Compostable Bowls 

Recyclealbe Cups and Lids

Bags on Demand - Ony when asked for

We make it easy to be part of the bigger picture


Eating quality food with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is key for peak body function. Choosing clean, unprocessed foods boosts immunity and helps ward off sickness, improving your overall quality of life. Individually, your food choices impact your health, but collectively, they can transform society's health by influencing the food supply chain. A poor diet is a major contributor to global health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Also, a healthy diet is not just good for you—it's also environmentally friendly, with lower greenhouse gas emissions and less strain on water and land resources. Eat well, feel great, and make a positive impact! 🌱🍏

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