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     Ono means delicious, Ohana is family, and Olakino is all about health and wellness!

Since day one, we've been on a mission: keeping it healthy and happy with no fake stuff, just good vibes, great tunes, and a cozy vibe with a friendly, happy staff.

     Our focus is all about you—keeping you smiling and in good health. From our cheerful staff to the energetic atmosphere, we're here to guide your body, mind, and soul through tasty food choices.

But it doesn't stop there! We're also making the world a better place—eating right, spreading joy, and being a 100% sustainable juice and bowl bar with zero waste. Yep, we've nailed that goal since day one!

     Our dream? To be a household name for fun and health. We're the Juice and Bowl bar that skips the junk, caring deeply about our community's well-being.

     Because we believe health is everything. With good health, everything else falls into place. Check out our fave hashtag #findyourono—it's all about finding your peak, being your best self, and living your best life. It all starts with a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

We're here for the long haul,  Let's make the world a better place, one nutritious bowl at a time! 🌈

The Ono Gang

Our dedicated Staff is what makes Ono so special

girls eating at Ono Bowls in NJ

Our Customers 

Our customers are everything 

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